APR 2017 / Taper faucet by BIG and Kibisi wins Great Design Award

The Taper Faucet by BIG and Kibisi has been awarded Architectural Digest’s inaugural Great Design Award. The award is presented to a curated selection of products, distinctively chosen to appeal to tastemakers, influencers and design enthusiasts. Taper reinvents minimalist design through shape-shifting geometry, turning the practical into poetry. The inviting contours of Taper reach forward, transforming cone to cylinder into a distinctive right angle that eliminates the escutcheon and turn-down tip. The result is a design that is unconventional, unexpected and playfully approachable.
JAN 2017 / Reelight introduces UGO bike light

Reelight has just launched the little brother to the award-winning, minimalist GO bike light, designed by KiBiSi. UGO is an effective and cost-efficient alternative to the existing market, designed for simple and intuitive use.
DEC 2016 / KiBiSi designs OTO for East Japan Project by Kengo Kuma

Combining analog sound enhancement and a storage bowl for small items, OTO brings together modern tech lifestyle and traditional ceramics. OTO unites cultures of simplicity: Scandinavian modernism and Japanese art & craft tradition blend to create a new everyday object with an interesting sense of contemporary heritage. OTO is handmade in East Japan by ceramic artist Kosho Ito and produced for the East Japan Project.
SEP 2016 / Biomega OKO E-Bike is nominated for the Beazley Designs of the year Award

Awarded by the Design Museum London, the Beazley Designs of the Year Award is the UK’s most prestigious design award. We’re proud to be nominated with the KiBiSi designed OKO electric bike in the transportation category.
MAY 2016 / VIA57™ - Republic of Fritz Hansen, Bjarke Ingels and KiBiSi launches the VIA57™ chair.

The ultimate partnership in Danish design: Republic of Fritz Hansen, the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and the Danish design group KiBiSi, now launches the VIA57™ chair. The partnership is the culmination of great Danish design visions coming together with the VIA57 chair’s dynamic, tetrahedral shape translated through the lens of the heritage furniture brand. Debuting in New York on 13 May 2016, the collaboration celebrates the completion of Bjarke Ingels Group’s first New York City project — the VIA57 WEST building — giving design lovers around the world the opportunity to have a piece of the Manhattan skyline in their own homes.
APR 2016 / Bulbul Watches Launch the Ore 08.

Ore 08 is an update on the minimalist, KiBiSI-designed Ore watch with a touch of golden, old-world charm. Featuring matte, golden steel on a golden Milanese mesh band from Pforzheim-based manufacturer, Aristo Vollmer, the materials create a subtly flamboyant contrast to the sharp, minimal aesthetic, making this an eye-catching, eighth addition to the Ore collection.
MAR 2016 / Bulbul Watches Launch the Pebble 08.

The KiBiSi-designed Pebble 08 is a striking update on the classic, asymmetric Pebble shape. Featuring matte, golden steel on a golden Milanese mesh band from Pforzheim-based manufacturer, Volmer, Pebble 08 makes an eye-catching addition to the Pebble design family.
JAN 2015 / PEK wins Good Design Award

The KiBiSi designed Biomega PEK cargo bike is awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Of Architecture and Design
NOV 2015 / KiBiSi designs Ore for Bulbul

Ore is the the third KiBiSi addition to Bulbul’s acclaimed range of watches. Following the slightly asymmetric Pebble and the classic yet contemporary Facette, Bulbul’s latest timepiece has been reduced its minimalist essence. Having already established the design philosophy with Pebble, the Ore watch is kept in the same colours and materials as Bulbul’s debut release. However, in the efforts to make every individual element come to the fore, Ore ventures one step further into Scandinavian minimalism.
NOV 2015 / KiBiSi designs Furniture collection for Hualien Residences

Hualien Residences, designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, kick off sales with a complete model unit on Taiwan’s East coast. The 1000 m2 show home offers a glimpse into the lifestyle and amenities at the development, including a new furniture line designed exclusively for the Hualien Residences by KiBiSi
OCT 2015 / KiBiSi Designs OKO For Biomega

The Biomega OKO has been designed for the highest of performance, whilst being truly accommodating to a busy urban lifestyle. OKO is a uniquely lightweight and highly practical city pedelec with a fashionable twist, that will undoubtedly make heads turn.

OCT 2015 / Brick Sofa by KiBiSi on display at HUMAN | NATURE in NYC

The concept store Chamber is presenting its second “collection” of multiples, art objects and design, chosen by photographer and film maker Andrew Zuckerman. Collection #2 explores the theme of how the natural world interacts with man’s living environment as expressed through objects of design, art, and various types of ephemera. Through October 31!

JUN 2015 / Ki, Bi & Si are now all members of The Danish Design Council

KiBiSi Partner Lars Larsen is elected for The Danish Design Council and Joins Bjarke Ingels and council captain Jens Martin Skibsted as members of The Danish Design Council. The Danish Design Council is an independent organization that betters the state of Danish design by facilitating connections between design and society, by initiating debate and by awarding a design prize. In addition to this, the Design Council acts as advisor on design to Danish Society as a whole and appoints board members of the Danish Design Center.
MAY 2015 / KiBiSi Designs Facette watch for Bulbul

The round and refined Facette watch is the second design in the Bulbul collection. Facette incorporates distinct design details while paying homage to an iconic watch shape. The markers floats almost unnoticeably on the underside of the sapphire crystal. The Italian leather strap connects exactly in the middle of the steel casing, creating an unusually stylish fit. Inside Facette lies a Swiss Made, 14 K Gold Plated Ronda movement, with up to ten years battery life. Conceived in the creative minds of Danish design trinity KiBiSi - Facette is subtle design on precision engineering.
FEB 2015 / BIG's Danish Maritime Museum is a Mies Van Der Rohe Finalist and we are proud to be part of the design team.

The Danish Maritime Museum is among five finalists for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015. KiBiSi designed the bench system preventing cars from driving into the dock, while creating a social hangout for the museum visitors. The bench system is inspired by bollards found on the harbor front and the basic Morse code system of dash and dots used for years in communication at sea. If you haven't already visited the museum – go there and crack the bench code. A copy of BIG’s Hot to Cold monograph published by Taschen is at stake if you send us your response by May 8th: kibisi@kibisi.com
APR 2015 / The Louis Poulsen Silverback family expands

The KiBiSi designed Silverback for wall and ceiling is now available in a LED pendant version. Instead of floating near the wall or ceiling, the new Silverback model floats in free space.

The soft, diffuse light distribution provides a high level of lighting comfort, combined with low energy use and good colour reproduction. These are essential for improving well-being and the environment in all corners of a building, while providing minimalist, uniform and low-maintenance lighting.

Silverback seemingly melts into the setting. Silverback negotiates its environment by emitting light from its reflective rear side – a shining halo illuminates the wall and draws the background into the fixture.
MAR 2015 / KiBiSi & BIG design TAPER™ collection for KALLISTA®

KiBiSi & BIG partner with Kallista®, a leading designer and provider of kitchen and bath luxury products, to reimagine the bathroom environment through Taper™ by BIG Collection which marries advanced engineering with minimalist style.
FEB 2015 / Grand opening of Biomega flagship store in Copenhagen

The Biomega flagship store consists of two floors. On the bottom floor is an open bicycle workshop - On the upper floor you will find Biomega related products, reading material and great coffee. The Biomega flagship store will be a place where design and urban lifestyle goes hand in hand. Come for the grand opening March 6th 2015, 16:00 - 20:00, Klosterstræde 19, DK-1157 København K
JAN 2015 / The KiBiSi designed Biomega PEK Beijing is now available for purchase

Joining creative forces once again, KiBiSi and Biomega extending the Biomega portfolio to include a fashionable cargo bike, accommodating true urban lifestyle. Biomega PEK Beijing is rock steady for the daily grind. It mixes city bike features, and cargo bike features, making it a sturdy companion. It comes with a super-size innovative front carrier for heavy duty transport of your groceries or other needs. Developed for city dwellers, PEK Beijing features a light aluminum frame, making it a one-of-a-kind lightweight cargo bike weighing only 22 kilos.
JAN 2015 / Good Design Award 2014

The KiBiSi designed NYC Biomega bike wins the Good Design Award for 2014
NOV 2014 / The KiBiSi designed Pebble watch for Bulbul is now available in an all steel version

The Pebble 06 timepiece, the sixth and newest member of the Pebble family, is an elegant fusion of classic steel mesh and contemporary design.
AUG 2014 / KiBiSi @ Eurobike 2014

Visit the Biomega booth for the new Biomega PEK Beijing cargo bike premiering at Eurobike 2014 and visit Reelight for our updated rechargeable version of Reelight GO – EGO
JUN 2014 / The KiBiSi designed NYC for Biomega hits the streets

The much awaited NYC / New York Biomega bicycle hits the streets. Design museum Danmark acquires the new design as the bike is launched. The bike featuring a belt drive for smooth urban commuting, a night glow fork - and an integrated mudguard. The integrated solutions and meticulous design makes the NYC / New York bicycle a thoroughly designed urban tool. It is the first in a row of Biomega bikes.

The new NYC / New York is honest in style and function, meeting the specific needs of city dwellers. All parts have been redesigned and engineered, The NYC / New York takes its cue from the CPH / Copenhagen, reinvigorating Biomega’s status as a pioneer of chainless bikes - this time with a smooth, quiet carbon fiber belt drive. The NYC / New York’s sleek and no-nonsense look integrates a front mudguard in the aluminum down tube complimenting its aggressive, yet reliable urban driving properties.

NYC / New York will be launched June 27, 2014 at 16h / 4pm at Design Museum Denmark, Bredgade 68, Copenhagen and presented at the Eurobike and Interbike shows in September 2014.
APR 2014 / The KiBiSi designed Pebble watch for Bulbul is now available in a golden version

The newborn golden Pebble is a natural extension of the Pebble series. Its a traditional material surface in a mat finish, traditional brown leather and all white dial and hands - a hybrid of contemporary clean expression and heritage.
NOV 2013 / Launch of the TMA-1 X in Studio A Thursday 28th of November

Aiaiai is launching the latest addition to the TMA-1 headphone family. The new KiBiSi designed TMA-1 X headphone have been given a new sound design that suits all genres of music, it provides a lightweight alternative to the existing TMA-1 range and it comes at an entry-level price. Come and celebrate the birth of the new, matte-black baby in Studio A and at Fortunen where a diverse range of DJs, producers and musicians will kick out the jams for your listening pleasure.
NOV 2013 / KiBiSi Partners are looking for dedicated and talented interns

Kilo and Skibsted Ideation are looking for Product design interns.
The internship period is primo February 2014 + 6 month. We only accept digital applications send separately to careers@kilodesign.dk and info@skibstedid.com. Deadline for application is 9th of december. Please do not call or visit the office regarding Intern positions.
NOV 2013 / The sequel to Instan Icon - Tilbage Til Virkeligheden (Back to Reality) – is out.

JM Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen break marketing taboos:
Advertising is becoming impotent. The digital revolution leads us in a direction where everyone has the potential to know everything about a company or product. It is from this that the basic premise and focal point of this book is derived: Increased brand value equals increased user value, which then again equals extraordinary product value.
Companies that are spending money on stuff that does not directly increase value for the target group will become less competitive than companies that invest in the right product.
NOV 2013 / TMA-1 X Available November 28th

Inspired by the award-winning design of the AIAIAI TMA-1, the KiBiSi designed TMA-1 X is lighter and smaller than the other headphones in the TMA-1 range. Intended for both professional and everyday use, these headphones have an all-rounded, articulate and balanced sound. They are extremely comfortable, featuring a minimalistic headband and a unique capsule design, making them an attractive and lower-cost alternative to the TMA-1 DJ or TMA-1 Studio.
OCT 2013 / KiBiSi designs morse code bench system for new Danish National Maritime Museum by BIG

The granite bench elements are inspired by ship bollards and designed as a constructive barrier that prevents cars from driving over the edge. The system is a soft shaped bench for social hangout and based on Morse code - dots and dashes writing a hidden message for visitors to crack.
AUG 2013 / KiBiSi Policy

The Davos (WEF) think tanks (GAC) and JM Skibsted organize a roundtable on Design for Smart Growth during the INDEX Awards in Copenhagen. The objective is to explore how design and innovation strategies can be implemented to boost competitiveness and stimulate sustainable economic growth. This will be an occasion to engage in an interactive discussion with high-level leaders and experts including Bjarke Ingels, Paola Antonelli of MoMA, Idan Auken Minister of the Environment and David Kester
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