JULY 2011 / BIG Proposes a United African currency

In response to Project Heracles, Domus' call for ideas to bridge the Strait of Gibraltar, BIG designs a 1000 EURO bill and a corresponding 1000 AFRO bill as a first proposal for a United African Currency – the AFRO. The two bills portray the proposed connection across the Gibraltar Strait linking Europe and Africa via an inhabited overpass uniting Euro-African typologies such as Firenze’s Ponte Vecchio and Le Corbusiers Obus Plan for Algiers into an intercontinental hybrid of city and infrastructure. The AFRO combines great African landmarks – in this case the bridge – with great African people of recent history that have contributed significantly to making a free united Africa a possibility. All contributions are exhibited at London’s the Gopher Hole, launching this Thursday the 19th July.