OCT 2012 / BoDW 2012

Speakers at BoDW are announced.
OCT 2012 / A design drive mixed with a positive purpose

Design Indaba interviews JM Skibsted about his work as Vice-Chair of W.E.F. 's G.A.C. on Design and Innovation, and the latest KiBiSi designs
SEP 2012 / KiBiSi designs Bulb Fiction for LightYears

The iconic incandescent bulb – the very symbol of Edison’s bright idea – has been the source of inspiration for KiBiSi’s new pendant. KiBiSi characterizes Bulb Fiction as a tribute to both the incandescent bulb, and with references to the easily recognizable archetype of the movie universe.
Bulb Fiction is close to the original, but the classic shape has been scaled up and designed as a whole unit, uniting socket and bulb into one iconic shape. The same applies to the cord, which has been given extra volume using a thick white silicone cover. Bulb Fiction consists of a hand blown acid treated opal glass shade and an aluminium suspension with a soft, organic shape. The fixture creates the Illusion of a classic incandescent bulb, hides the low energy light source and ensures a comfortable, soft light.
SEP 2012 / JM talks at Summer Davos

How are new champions fuelling the creative economy? How to engage arts and culture via national policies? How to discover young talent? JM Skibsted answers these question and many more as a panelist in Driving Forces of the Creative Economy at ‘Summer Davos’. The session moderated by Hal B. Gregersen, Professor of Leadership, INSEAD, will be webcast live Thursday 13 September 15:45 - 16:45
SEP 2012 / The AIAIAI x Carhartt Colab is Out Now

Aiaiai has teamed up with the global purveyors of durable, timeless style for a striking re-edit of our TMA-1 and the Pipe earphones.
SEP 2012 / It’s a wrap…

In collaboration with Versus, KiBiSi launches the Roulade as friend and family to the Iconic Brick Sofa.
Roulade is a meeting between generations and genres, a meeting between mattress and Chesterfield, chair and couch. Roulade is a Swiss Roll turned sofa - a contemporary, iconic and humorous character with a cozy and comfortable expression.
Roulade is made from High Density foam cut into a fixed shape reminiscent of a rolled up mattress. It is upholstered with top class materials such as Kvadrat fabrics; And the comfort and durability is outstanding. It is a sort of new comer – a plump 1,5 pax sofa designed for laid back hangout. Bespoke, oversized buttons modernize the old school Chesterfield expression.
SEP 2012 / HBR banks on rumor

Rumor has it that Tyler Banks loves JM Skibsted’s expert comments for this month’s Harvard Business Review. Read the piece
AUG 2012 / BIG designs a winter bath in Copenhagen

BIG and the winter bath association Vinterbad Bryggen join efforts to extend the existing Copenhagen Harbor Bath, designed by BIG and JDS back in 2003, with a sauna and facilities for winter bathing to benefit the community during summer as well as the cold Danish winters.
AUG 2012 / KiBiSi designs limited Edition Non-Olympian Football for RSToo

In tribute to all those everyday soccer players out there – not taking part in the Olympic football tournament RSToo launches a KiBiSi designed Ltd Edition Football. The football is golden, and paraphrases the Olympic rings reshuffled into a classic football buildup.

The KiBiSi team collectively shouts: “ To us you are all gold winners! ”

The 99 Ltd edition balls can be bought online for $99 a pop at RSToo - With the sale of each ball RSToo will donate $10 USD to Grassroot Soccer, whose lofty goal is to assist in HIV prevention through education and inspiration.
AUG 2012 / Shut innovation

JM Skibsted writes his latest Fast Company post about innovation strategy and fellow Young Global Leader, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!
JUL 2012 / Summer

Summer has arrived. Living should be easy. We are off with our families to enjoy. Enjoy it too.
JUL 2012 / Bi of KiBiSi launch new website

In a Ruby Media collab, our sister company BIG updates its website to be more mobile friendly. New features include a KiBiSi section detailing the unique collaboration that defines our reference idea-driven industrial design sensibility from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and aircraft. BIG still keep their essential DNA of the website intact.
JUL 2012 / AIAIAI x Roskilde Festival collab

The AIAIAI x Roskilde Festival collab combines our lightweight Tracks headphones with a waterproof Roskilde Stuff Sack that contains material from the original 1978 orange stage and makes a fitting container for all your festival essentials.
JUL 2012 / The new OKO bike designed by KiBiSi is featured in Zahid Sardar’s book 100 Best Bikes as one of 8 Biomega bikes

Joining creative forces once again, KiBiSi and Biomega extending the Biomega Bike portfolio to include a semi-carbon, semi-alu city bicycle, accommodating true urban lifestyle. The OKO is still in prototyping phase. It will be displayed in Zahid Sardar’s book 100 Best Bikes launching as one of 8 Biomega bikes.OKO is destined to be a unique lightweight and highly practical city bike with a fashionable twist that will make heads spin. See the preview in Zahid Sardar’s 100 best bikes book by Laurence King Publishing.
JUL 2012 / A 3D Look at Capital

Go for a 3D spin around the new Aiaiai Capital
JUN 2012 / BIG exhibits at Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art

Louisiana’s upcoming exhibition NEW NORDIC – Architecture and Identity running from June 29th-October 21st explores the concept of ‘Nordic’ and the region's contemporary architecture, including BIG’s National Gallery of Art in Greenland.
JUN 2012 / Our new Aiaiai Headphone Capital is out today

Check out KiBiSi partners Bjarke Ingels and Lars Larsen on designing the Capital Headphones - a durable, foldable headphone aimed at the on-the-go urbanite.
JUN 2012 / A TMA-1 Studio Visit with Matthew Dear

AIAIAI and Ghostly International very proudly present Matthew Dear going about his creative business and using the TMA-1 Studio. It’s Matt Dear and headphone porn all rolled into one musical package.
JUN 2012 / BIG Designs méca to culture in Bordeaux, France

Team BIG+FREAKS freearchitects, dUCKS scéno, Khephren Ingénierie, VPEAS, ALTO Ingénierie, Vincent Hedont, PBNL, Mryk & Moriceau, Ph.A wins the competition to design a new 12 000 m2 cultural center on the riverfront of Bordeaux, merging three cultural institutions into one single building. 
JUN 2012 / JM Skibsted becomes Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Design & Innovation

A gathering of the world’s most relevant and knowledgeable thought leaders in this field, that delivers pertinent insights and collaboratively develops solutions to address major global challenges. Established four years ago, the Network of Global Agenda Councils – consisting of select, invitation-only groups on key global topics – serves as an international brain trust to the World Economic Forum and world at large. Council Members are fully integrated in Forum activities including projects, regional events and the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.
JUN 2012 / JM Skibsted’s latest post for Fast Co

While the design and creative industries have generally been happy to teach the world of politics how to generate new and better ideas, there hasn’t been much learning the other way. Never have we heard anyone talk about what the creative companies could learn from the world of politics.
MAY 2012 / The TMA-1 Studio Now Available for Pre-order

The new KiBiSi designed AIAIAI headphones specifically for the on-the-go producer/musician will be shipped on the 20th of June.
MAY 2012 / TMA-1 Studio and Capital Release Dates

Aiaiai reveal new release dates for both the TMA-1 Studio and the Capital: The TMA-1 Studio will now be released on the 11th of June, and the Capital will have its release on the 27th of June.
MAY 2012 / Turkish Design

17th of May JM Skibsted will be a keynote lecturer to the Turkish Automotive Industry, organized by Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association in coordination with the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and with support of T.C. Ministry of Economics. The main aim of the event is to establish R&D and design culture in line with the Turkey’s export strategy of 2023 and create sufficient accumulation in R&D and Design. The lecture will be about Urban Mobility and Industrial Design.
MAY 2012 / ICFF Party

KiBiSi invites you to join the KiBiSi + Incase + Mass party 9 pm the 18th at
Mass, 34 Howard st. 3rd floor New York, NY
MAY 2012 / KiBiSi is shot by Lasse Beck Martinussen

The talented Lasse Beck Martinussen has shot a series of new KiBiSi partner images. Two images are available for download in our download section.
APR 2012 / On Board

KiBiSi founding partner JM Skibsted was elected to become a board member of the Danish Design Council. The council promotes industrial design via prizes, debate, selection of board members for the Danish Design Center and advises on design policy on a national level.
APR 2012 / Silverback

Check out the new Promo Film for our new fixture designed for Louis Poulsen.
Picture, Sound & Music by WAAITT™
APR 2012 / Slice & Milan & KiBiSi & Tradition & DDC

The cutting-edge Danish design magazine ‘The Milan issue, volume 1 – Danish design 2012’ is presented in an 16 x 3,5 meter grand installation of the flexible shelving system Slice, produced by the Danish design company '&tradition', designed by designgroup KiBiSi and distributed in Milan from the 17th to the 22nd of April 2012 by the Danish Design Centre.
APR 2012 / World Economic Forum Latin America

Jens Martin Skibsted talks about the need for an Urban Mobility Index at the Young Global Leader’s private event at World Economic Forum Latin America
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