AUG 2011 / BIG & Bjarke on Designer People

Los-Angeles based artist, designer and builder Amy Devers meets KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen for a profile of BIG and its design approach in the 2nd episode of Designer People.
AUG 2011 / Bjarke Ingels supports Red Cross Club 10 Initiative

Aiming to raise awareness and funds for the Red Cross, the Club 10 project successfully challenged 10 ambassadors to raise consciousness and close to 3 million Danish Kroner.
AUG 2011 / KiBiSi's Lars Larsen impersonates a Dutch designer

Canadian Design Researchers couldn’t resist the opportunity to drop by Copenhagen for a KiBiSi interview during their biannual research project, this year with a focus on Dutch design. DutchDesign is an open source network that values above all knowledge-share on a global scale.
JULY 2011 / BIG Proposes a United African currency

In response to Project Heracles, Domus' call for ideas to bridge the Strait of Gibraltar, BIG designs a 1000 EURO bill and a corresponding 1000 AFRO bill as a first proposal for a United African Currency – the AFRO. The two bills portray the proposed connection across the Gibraltar Strait linking Europe and Africa via an inhabited overpass uniting Euro-African typologies such as Firenze’s Ponte Vecchio and Le Corbusiers Obus Plan for Algiers into an intercontinental hybrid of city and infrastructure. The AFRO combines great African landmarks – in this case the bridge – with great African people of recent history that have contributed significantly to making a free united Africa a possibility. All contributions are exhibited at London’s the Gopher Hole, launching this Thursday the 19th July.
JULY 2011 / Singularity is plural: The Optimism of Bjarke Ingels and Ray Kurzweil

KiBiSi’s optimist Bjarke Ingels talks about innovation, his hero Ray Kurzweil and architecture to 032c.
JULY 2011 / Over-Innovation Makes U.S. Firms Suck At Sustainability

KiBiSi’s own philosopher Jens Martin Skibsted co-writes post for Fast Company about how the same forces that drive U.S. companies to become the greatest innovators are the ones that make them the biggest environmental sinners. Designing good products is an answer.
JULY 2011 / Core77 Design Awards – winner announcements

As members of the core77 Design Awards Transportation jury we to invite you to join us in a 10-day celebration of design excellence, enterprise, and intent. The award winners are being announced via Live Web Broadcasts – now until July 22. A feat never before attempted by a design awards program!
Please visit the C77DA website to tune in to the announcements and see the gallery of winners go live at the end of each broadcast. While you’re there, please take a moment to take in some of the unique features of the program: an all-star line-up of juries, progressive categories, a gallery of entrant video testimonials, and a trophy design that truly celebrates the spirit of teamwork.

JULY 2011 / KiBiSi partner JM skibsted on the future of urban mobility

Preparations are underway for the London Design Festival in September. In Dezeen’s first film from Tent London, KiBiSi designer Jens Martin Skibsted talks about his bicycle brand Biomega and the future of urban mobility during last year’s London Design Festival.
JULY 2011 / A behind-the-scenes viewing and in-depth look at the Core77 transportation jury team.

While Lars Larsen is the head of the Transportation Jury, his colleague and collaborator JM Skibsted certainly has a fair share of input as one of the jury members: he's been designing award-winning transportation solutions for over decade. Core77 had a chance to pick Skibsted's brain about urban mobility and why it matters more today than ever before.
JUNE 2011 / Bjarke Ingels given professorship at The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture, Design and Conservation honors five architects, including Dorte Mandrup, Bjarke Ingels, Lene Tranberg, Per Olaf Fjeld and Hiroshi Sambuichi for their valuable contribution to the institution during recent years.

In conjunction with the five-day Sónar Festival being held in Barcelona, Danish headphone company AIAIAI is teaming up with Galeria Cosmo to sponsor a pop-up shop featuring the entire KiBiSi designed product line from their current collection with a sneak peak at some future collaborations with several international brands and personalities.
JUNE 2011 / Two-Wheel Appeal

The answer to our urbanization problems is "furniture for urban locomotion," says Skibsted, who once dreamed of being a poet, and wants nothing less than to help usher in a new era in city commuting. "We are in a format war between the bicycle and the car," says Skibsted. Check out KiBiSi co-founders urban mobility dreams in Time Magazine
JUNE 2011 / Copenhagenization

CNN covers urban mobility in KiBiSi hometown. Richard Quest rides the KiBiSi designed bicycle. The design homage to same hometown: Copenhagen. Your hometown to be Copenhagenized next!
JUNE 2011 / T3 Gadget Awards 2011

Our TMA-1 Headphones are shortlisted for the T3 Gadget Awards 2011 in the category Music Gadget of the Year – Start voting out there :)
JUNE 2011 / BIG Exhibits W57 at The Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art

Louisiana’s major summer exhibition, Living, rounds off the exhibition series Frontiers of Architecture, featuring installations by among others, Sou Fujimoto, Rintala Eggertsson Architects and a 3 m tall model of the West 57th in New York from 1st of June – 2nd October 2011.
MAY 2011 / Cocktail IED Madrid Palacio de Altamira

The 8th editions of Cocktail IED Madrid, an informal meeting with international designers at the Palacio de Altamira features Jens Martin Skibsted of KiBiSi. Previously Wally Olins, Matali Crasset, Droog Design, Jurgen Bey, and Mathieu Lehanneur, among others have presented.
Cocktail IED Madrid is Madrid’s main creative event of the year, with the best speakers from the world of design, fashion and communication.
Cocktail meets one of the basic objectives of FDI from the educational point of view: to promote direct contact with the professional designers. In essence, it is conducting a series of lectures with cherry picked personalities.

MAY 2011 / Innovation Festival Vilnius 2011

KiBiSi exhibits at the Innovation Festival Vilnius 2011 - as part of Nordic design exhibition "Architects create design". KiBiSi partner Lars Larsen presents KiBiSi work in the context of national design and with the point of view “friendship between city and design”. We invite you to join the 10th of May.
MAY / 2011 - BIG wins the competition to design a major cultural center in Albania

BIG, Martha Schwartz Landscape, Buro Happold , Speirs & Major, Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger, and Global Cultural Asset Management are announced as the winning team of the international design competition for a new 27.000 m2 cultural complex in Albania, consisting of a Mosque, an Islamic Centre, and a Museum of Religious Harmony.
MAY 2011 / KiBiSi is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product team.

The internship period is 1st of September 2011 + 6 month. We accept only digital applications in PDF to: job@kibisi.com before 1st of June 2011. All applications will be answered before 15th of June 2011. Please do not call or visit the office regarding Intern positions.
APR 2011 / superPRO 28.4.2011

16.00 – 19.00, finger food, bar,dj & mingling at Karrierebar, Flæsketorvet 57– 67, Copenhagen. The workshop for creative people is curated by Laila Pawlak / DAC. KiBiSi’s Jens Martin Skibsted is Keynote speaker at the event that also hosts Jens Arentzen, Anna Bisgaard-Nøhr, and Jan Lippert. join at DAC

APR 2010 / The Danish Design Centre presents STILL LIGHT in Zona Tortona - Milano.

Two KiBiSi lamps are part of the STILL LIGHT exhibition – Danish design’s all time all-star lamps. Officina 1 – Tortona Locations, Opificio 31, via Tortona 31, Zona Tortona. STILL LIGHT will be open to the press on the 11th of April from 3-7 pm and 12th-17 April from 10am – 7pm to the public.
APR 2011 / Versus launch in Illums Bolighus

Versus launches new collection in Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen 9th of April from 12–3pm. Amagertorv 10, 1160 Copenhagen K.
APR 2011 / The Core77 Transportation Jury Team is complete

We're honored to announce our complete Core77 Transportation Jury Team led by Kibisi's Lars Larsen. Based in Copenhagen, this multidisciplinary team includes our own urban mobility expert JM Skibsted, a solar flight pioneer Frederik Ottesen, a train freak Nille Juul-Sørensen, a brand expert with an outside view of transportation from a 3rd world, ecological and lifestyle perspective Peter Ingwersen and a space architect Kristian Von Bengtson - who will participate if he is not sending a rocket into space on the day of judging ;-)
MAR 2011 / Aiaiai products hits the shelves in Apple stores

Apple's flagship and online store launches the new aiaiai product line designed by KiBISi. The headphones combine a vivid sound spectrum with an equally vibrant color palette and industrial aesthetics with high durability. Essential to this particular product line is the new range of colors, as well as the new mic & controller solution perfectly compatible to the newest Apple products. The new product line is based on a combination of playfulness and thoroughness and is successor to the former product line which received the Danish Design Prize 2010 / 2011 for striking this balance perfectly.
MAR 2011 / BIG Wins The Stockholmsporten Master Plan

BIG + Grontmij + Spacescape are the winning team for the Stockholmsporten master plan competition to design an inviting new entrance portal into Stockholm at the intersection of a newly planned super-junction. Harnessing the momentum of the massive investment in tunnels and highways and putting the excess excavation to use as a man-made valley, we create an interdisciplinary hybrid of logistic, economic, environmental and social infrastructure.
MAR 2010 / KiBiSi partner JM Skibsted co-founds new Danish high end mobile phone company Æsir Copenhagen

JM Skibsted co-founds new Danish high end mobile phone company Æsir Copenhagen with visionary head honcho Thomas Møller Jensen. Colleague and friend Yves Béhar is Æsir’s first Designer-collaborator. Check out first edition: +YvesBéhar Phone
MAR 2011 / KiBiSi Partner Lars Holme Larsen is announced Jury Captain of the Core77 Design Awards - Transportation Jury

Core77 Design Awards - An Annual Celebration of Excellence, Enterprise and Intent. The Core77 Design Awards website is now open for entries.
MAR 2011 / A design report from Cape Town by JM Skibsted

KiBiSi partner JM Skibsted is invited to the premier African design conference and takes us along for a tour.
FEB 2011 / Design Indaba 23-25 Feb

“creativity will become polygamous and snub semi-monogamous relations to art. Creativity will make design accessible, diversified and specialised. Creativity will unlock untapped intelligences, spark value and resource innovation in pairs, and someday enable space migration” says JM Skibsted before presenting at Design Indaba
FEB 2011 / KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels on CNN

Bjarke introduces hedonistic sustainability to the CNN audience causing the BIG website to crash momentarily.
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