OCT 2011 / TMA-1 Fool's Gold limited edition

Our Aiaiai TMA-1 headphones were designed in collaboration with several professional and renowned DJ’s. Tested in studios and on stages all over the world, this is a specialized piece of equipment for the hardworking musician. The limited edition Fool's Gold line brings a new colourway and special technical features to the TMA-1.
OCT 2011 / Urban Mobility

Bjarke Ingels elaborates on KiBiSi’s Urban Mobility agenda in Danish.
OCT 2011 / Lars Larsen talks at Ljubljana Design Conference 2011

A selection of internationally-engaged design industry people from around the world explores core design issues through their work and within the framework of integrating and harnessing design from inception to realization and experience.
OCT 2011 / TryghedsGruppen

BIG teams up with TryghedsGruppen and We Love People to modify our cities to make more space for movement and play.
OCT 2011 / Summit on the Global Agenda 2011

As part of World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation, jens martin skibsted will participate in Summit on the Global Agenda in Abu Dhabi 10th to 11th of October. The Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation brings together the world’s most creative and innovative thinkers to design new frameworks and strategies to solve global issues, building on experience from a wide variety of fields and disciplines that span from product, system and service design to innovation strategy, social innovation, art, science and engineering. By integrating and disseminating knowledge in these fields, the Council acts as a catalyst for change, turning challenges into opportunities.
OCT 2011 / R.I.P

The king is dead. Long live design.
OCT 2011 / Bjarke Ingels honered by the Crown Prince Couple Of Denmark

Their Royal Highnesses, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark presented Bjarke Ingels as the winner of their annual Culture Prize 2011, honoring the first architect since the foundation of the Award in 2004 as a gift from Danish Culture fund Bikubenfonden. Previous winners include, artist Olafur Eliasson, singer Tina Dickow, actress Sonja Richter, cellist Andreas Brantelid and director Per Fly
SEP 2011 / Jens Martin Skibsted is Keynote Speaker at Beijing Design Week

Jens Martin Skibsted will be speaking about sustainable development within Urban Mobility and the societal changes we need to tackle by design. He will talk specifically about how he has addressed these issues strategically within Biomega and the design approach of KiBiSi. Along with a handful of notable design luminaires including Alberto Alessi, he is a keynote speaker. The theme is Design and City Development. The speech will take place the 28th of September during the morning session, 7.30 – 12, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
SEP 2011 / CLOG’s first issue focusing on KiBiSi partner BIG is out.

For its inaugural issue, CLOG focuses and explores BIG from a critical perspective. Bringing together essays and illustrations from artists, architects, critics, journalists, parkour-runners, engineers and philosophers, CLOG:BIG presents the first holistic, critical examination of Bjarke Ingels and BIG.
SEP 2011 / JM Skibsted on the go

Jens Martin Skibsted will first attend the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions “Summer Davos” 2011 in Dalian before heading to Beijing’s Design Week. September 15th 09.15 - 10.15 he will be participating in a panel discussion about incentives and structures that drive innovation effectively within an organization along with along with Tim Brown CEO of IDEO. The program is moderated by Hellmut Schütte.
He will also take part of the Energy Opportunities – an executive think tank on Innovation and Energy hosted by CNBC, Harvard Business Review, Caixin Media & Shell along with world leading CEOs such as Tulsi R. Tanti of Suzlon Energy. The Brainstorm on Innovation and Energy is facilitated by Geoff Cutmore, Wednesday September 14, 18:45-20:45 at the Shangri La Hotel in Dalian.
AUG 2011 / KiBiSi Kombo combo for INDEX

KiBiSi celebrate the world’s biggest design prize in native Copenhagen. KiBiSi’s Jens Martin Skibsted is a Senior Advisor to INDEX and a host again at one of the locally hosted INDEX dinners. Last time around the KiBiSi collab was soft launched. The star chefs from Kombo will, together with KiBiSi fuse Nordic Cuisine and design.
AUG 2011 / sTREEt by KiBiSi @ Gwangju Design Bianale 2011

sTREEt is an idea derived especially for the Gwangju Design Biennale 2011. sTREEt is the idea of weaving a functional line of organically informed components into the urban cityscape of Gwangju, providing the Biennale City with a DNA string uniting a cross the city through a new and unique idiom. sTREEt is a breed of functional trees for urban programs that consolidates the current cacophony of street furniture into a new hybrid species. A Gwangju family of urban furniture adding to the local culture, flora and fauna. The series is designed as a flexible system that can grow and adapt to the special needs and specific context of every corner of the city. The family of sTREEt ranges from little sprouts combining a few elements, to the mother tree that occurs on urban squares and generous public spaces. In addition to social elements such as seating, playthings and swings, the mother tree sports a tree crown of solar panels to create shade and shelter for the urban space beneath it, as well as to power the local ecosystem of sTREEt.
AUG 2011 / Wonderful, well-lit Copenhagen Design Week

The 1st of September Copenhagen Design Week and the exhibit Stilllight open.
The Royal Danish Playhouse will host the Stilllight exhibit. Stilllight features two of KiBiSi classic Danish lamp designs.
AUG 2011 / KiBiSi and Aiaiai @ SFMOMA Dieter Rams Exhibition - Less and More

Widely regarded as one of the most influential industrial designers of our time, Dieter Rams produced iconic works and innovative ideas (in particular his advocacy for "less but better" design) that have proved seminal for our contemporary design culture. For more than 40 years, Rams was the lead designer for the German household appliance company Braun. He has also been the active designer for German furniture company Vitsœ since his start there in 1959. This exhibition includes more than 200 models and objects by Rams and his team, as well as contemporary designs influenced by his Ten Principles of Good Design such as Apple products and, yes, our very own TMA-1.
The exhibition opens the 27th of August.
AUG 2011 / BIG receives The Graham Foundation Grant

The Graham Foundation announces the 2011 Grants to 60+Individuals and Organizations, including BIG and Bjarke Ingels in support of our upcoming publication, BIGAMY, which looks into the logical and creative aspects of BIG’s design process.
AUG 2011 / Urban Bracelet

BIG is rethinking urban mobility in the world’s nr.1 bike city and its Swedish neighboring cities.
AUG 2011 / Five questions on the basics of innovation

KiBiSi’s own philosopher Jens Martin Skibsted answers five questions on the basics of innovation.
AUG 2011 / BIG & Bjarke on Designer People

Los-Angeles based artist, designer and builder Amy Devers meets KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen for a profile of BIG and its design approach in the 2nd episode of Designer People.
AUG 2011 / Bjarke Ingels supports Red Cross Club 10 Initiative

Aiming to raise awareness and funds for the Red Cross, the Club 10 project successfully challenged 10 ambassadors to raise consciousness and close to 3 million Danish Kroner.
AUG 2011 / KiBiSi's Lars Larsen impersonates a Dutch designer

Canadian Design Researchers couldn’t resist the opportunity to drop by Copenhagen for a KiBiSi interview during their biannual research project, this year with a focus on Dutch design. DutchDesign is an open source network that values above all knowledge-share on a global scale.
JULY 2011 / BIG Proposes a United African currency

In response to Project Heracles, Domus' call for ideas to bridge the Strait of Gibraltar, BIG designs a 1000 EURO bill and a corresponding 1000 AFRO bill as a first proposal for a United African Currency – the AFRO. The two bills portray the proposed connection across the Gibraltar Strait linking Europe and Africa via an inhabited overpass uniting Euro-African typologies such as Firenze’s Ponte Vecchio and Le Corbusiers Obus Plan for Algiers into an intercontinental hybrid of city and infrastructure. The AFRO combines great African landmarks – in this case the bridge – with great African people of recent history that have contributed significantly to making a free united Africa a possibility. All contributions are exhibited at London’s the Gopher Hole, launching this Thursday the 19th July.
JULY 2011 / Singularity is plural: The Optimism of Bjarke Ingels and Ray Kurzweil

KiBiSi’s optimist Bjarke Ingels talks about innovation, his hero Ray Kurzweil and architecture to 032c.
JULY 2011 / Over-Innovation Makes U.S. Firms Suck At Sustainability

KiBiSi’s own philosopher Jens Martin Skibsted co-writes post for Fast Company about how the same forces that drive U.S. companies to become the greatest innovators are the ones that make them the biggest environmental sinners. Designing good products is an answer.
JULY 2011 / Core77 Design Awards – winner announcements

As members of the core77 Design Awards Transportation jury we to invite you to join us in a 10-day celebration of design excellence, enterprise, and intent. The award winners are being announced via Live Web Broadcasts – now until July 22. A feat never before attempted by a design awards program!
Please visit the C77DA website to tune in to the announcements and see the gallery of winners go live at the end of each broadcast. While you’re there, please take a moment to take in some of the unique features of the program: an all-star line-up of juries, progressive categories, a gallery of entrant video testimonials, and a trophy design that truly celebrates the spirit of teamwork.

JULY 2011 / KiBiSi partner JM skibsted on the future of urban mobility

Preparations are underway for the London Design Festival in September. In Dezeen’s first film from Tent London, KiBiSi designer Jens Martin Skibsted talks about his bicycle brand Biomega and the future of urban mobility during last year’s London Design Festival.
JULY 2011 / A behind-the-scenes viewing and in-depth look at the Core77 transportation jury team.

While Lars Larsen is the head of the Transportation Jury, his colleague and collaborator JM Skibsted certainly has a fair share of input as one of the jury members: he's been designing award-winning transportation solutions for over decade. Core77 had a chance to pick Skibsted's brain about urban mobility and why it matters more today than ever before.
JUNE 2011 / Bjarke Ingels given professorship at The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture, Design and Conservation honors five architects, including Dorte Mandrup, Bjarke Ingels, Lene Tranberg, Per Olaf Fjeld and Hiroshi Sambuichi for their valuable contribution to the institution during recent years.

In conjunction with the five-day Sónar Festival being held in Barcelona, Danish headphone company AIAIAI is teaming up with Galeria Cosmo to sponsor a pop-up shop featuring the entire KiBiSi designed product line from their current collection with a sneak peak at some future collaborations with several international brands and personalities.
JUNE 2011 / Two-Wheel Appeal

The answer to our urbanization problems is "furniture for urban locomotion," says Skibsted, who once dreamed of being a poet, and wants nothing less than to help usher in a new era in city commuting. "We are in a format war between the bicycle and the car," says Skibsted. Check out KiBiSi co-founders urban mobility dreams in Time Magazine
JUNE 2011 / Copenhagenization

CNN covers urban mobility in KiBiSi hometown. Richard Quest rides the KiBiSi designed bicycle. The design homage to same hometown: Copenhagen. Your hometown to be Copenhagenized next!
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