OCT 2010 / Bjarke Ingels receives The European Prize For Architecture

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies have announced Bjarke Ingels as 2010 laureate of the European Prize for Architecture, formally to be presented at “The City and the World: Madrid Symposium” by Madrid’s Mayor Alberto Ruiz Jiménez. - BTW the KiBiSi designed Biomega Copenhagen will be at the show in Madrid too - instead of Jens Martin Skibsted, who couldn’t make it there.
OCT 2010 / KiBiSi Partner Jens Martin Skibsted talks at Ljubljana Design Conference 2010

A selection of internationally-engaged design industry people from around the world explores integral design questions through their work and within the framework of integrating and harnessing design from inception to realization and experience.

OCT 2010 / KiBiSi launches Brick - a couch series for the new Danish design brand Versus

KiBiSi has designed the Brick series for Versus. The series consists of a pouf, a chair, a two and three seater. KiBiSi set out to make a sofa with strong architectural references since KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels couldn’t really find the right architect’s sofa for his apartment. The point of departure was a classic brick bond forming the cushion pattern. The cushions are tied together and fixed with a tailor quality button. The button, also designed by KiBiSi, is molded of fiber concrete – Yet another architectural reference. Bjarke Ingels of KiBiSi says: “What is a sofa but a pile of pillows for maximum comfort? Turning the habitual modularity of sofa design into a virtue, the Brick explores the tectonic of bricklaying to stack sandbag like cushions into architecture for comfort.”
OCT 2010 / KiBiSi wins Danish Design Prize 2010/11

Aiaiai and KiBiSi Co-Founder Lars Larsen wins The Danish Design Prize for a headphone with a simple design and a simple approach that meets most people’s needs at a competitive price. Many competing products are technically complicated headphones in high-tech design. This product represents a different approach: AIAIAI’s design is no-nonsense design with a low-tech expression. The product is down-to-earth, almost humorous and playful and offers the users an opportunity to customize the product. The headphones do not pretend to be more than they are.
OCT 2010 / 8 Things

KiBiSi co-founder Jens Martin Skibsted is interviewed up close and personal about his design inspiration by Monica Khemsurov of Sight Unseen / Core 77
SEP 2010 / D&AD President’s Lecture

What happens when design, architecture and ideation collide. The three founders, Bjarke Ingels, Lars Holme and Jens Martin fly in from Copenhagen to discuss how this unique collaboration of three very different disciplines has evolved including tales of hedonistic sustainability, urban mobility and Darwinian design evolution. Tuesday 5 October / 7pm – 8.30pm / Logan Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL
SEP 2010 / Masters of Design 2010 by Fast Company

A graphic novel story on a Global Architect with a mission - KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels

SEP 2010 / Puma and Biomega introduce the urban cargo ride Designed by KiBiSi

Joining creative forces once again, KiBiSi, PUMA and Biomega extending the PUMA Bike portfolio to include a fashionable cargo bike, accommodating true urban lifestyle. Mopion lets you cruise the streets in style, while transporting your daily groceries or bigger loads. The smooth steering provides you with easy maneuvering around the city just like a commuter. Mopion is a unique lightweight and highly practical cargo bike with a fashionable twist that will make heads spin.
AUG 2010 / Cool Hunting investigates the design behind Aiaiai's new DJ headphones TMA-1

"In this video, we visit Copenhagen to learn all about the design of Aiaiai's new DJ headphone, the TMA-1. Checking in with Kibisi designers Jens Martin Skibsted and Lars Holme Larsen and Aiaiai co-founder Frederik Jørgensen, we learn about their design process and influences"
AUG 2010 / Biomega introduces two new über-design bicycles for urban locomotion

Biomega renews its curatorial commitment to cherry picking the world’s top designers to design its bicycles. Ross Lovegrove displays his organic essentialist sensibility through his fresh vision of an integrated bicycle. His integrated solutions and groundbreaking design makes the LDN bicycle a true urban tool. While Danish design super group KiBiSi stirs things up with an innovative newcomer NYC, following Biomega’s heritage of chainless bikes featuring a belt drive for smooth urban commuting and an integrated mudguard.
AUG 2010 / ShangHAY Chair colored by Wood Wood

Join us for the launch of the Ltd. Edition Shanghay Chair made in collaboration with
Wood Wood. HAY HOUSE Østergade 61, 3rd floor 1100 København. Thursday August 26 1600 - 2200.
AUG 2010 / BIG’s 8 House wins the 2010 Scandinavian Green Roof Award

Completing its trilogy of housing projects in Oerestad with the same client, BIG + green roof contractor Veg Tech receives the award for 8 House’s 1.700 m2 sloping green roof.
AUG 2010 / Ups & Downs

A new decade is here. who will stay and who will go ? KiBiSi Partner Bjarke Ingels is
voted rising star by Plaza magazine.
AUG 2010 / Buy TMA-1 with a 15% discount

After some busy months of final testing, we are now only days away from the launch of the TMA-1 headphone, which will take place at the Firmament shop in Berlin on the 11th of August. However before the actual physical launch we will do a week of online sales in the AIAIAI webshop from the 4. - 11. of August. To show our appreciation of your interest and support we would like to offer you a 15% discount if buying within that week. Follow the link and use the promo-code: 06101ww
JUL 2010 / 2nd gen Terrafugia

The Terrafugia single engine two seater aircraft packs a light "transformer" truck. The 2nd gen Terrafugia is the result of a trans-Atlantic collab between industrial designers, including KiBiSi, mechanical engineers, aerodynamic engineers and a dedicated Terrafugia geek squad with an unequaled childhood dream of flying cars.
The FAA approved vehicle merges the worlds and requirements of cars, trucks and planes, combining cutting edge aerodynamics, mechanics and manufacturing skills.
The overall design approach and thought mode has been holistic - making an unfamiliar object appear as a wholesome whole. Step by step it has been built on one new coherent DNA set, aligning very different sets of requirements and, to one another, outlandish elements and characteristics from each their transportation paradigm.
Jul 2010 / Shanghay Chair selected as one of Wallpapers best designed products of 2010

For their August Handmade issue, Wallpaper magazine commissioned their favourite designers, artists, craftsmen, makers and manufacturers to create unique furniture, fittings, food stuffs, fashions and more. KiBiSi’s very own Shanghay Chair, especially commissioned for the Danish Expo Pavilion and manufactured by Hay of Denmark made the cover. This Limited edition colored by WoodWood will be on sale end of August.
JUL 2010 / Roskilde Festival

KiBiSi and BIG designs the Tuborg VIP area backstage at Roskilde in collaboration with V1 and HUSKMITNAVN.
JUN 2010 / The Cool Cats Bike

So-Me creates limited edition of KiBiSi bike design, Le Cool Cats Vélo, with a special design exclusively made for the famous Urban Mobility bike produced by Puma and Biomega. Le Cool Cats Vélo is a limited edition of 50 bikes, available only at colette, Cool Cats and a few Puma stores worldwide. This bike is ultra confortable and perfect for riding in the city. Cherry on the cake, the quick & easy semi-folding mechanism & folding pedals makes public transport, cars & elevators more accessible !
Jun 2010 / YES IS MORE to open at Arc En Reve Gallery in Bordeaux, France

Arc en Rêve centre d’architecture is dedicating its main summer exhibition opening June 17th to BIG’s traveling exhibition YES IS MORE which got its start at the Danish Archtiecture Center in 2009.
JUN 2010 / KiBiSi is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product team.

Application CV and portfolio to: job@kibisi.com before 010710
JUN 2010 / TMA-1 Launch

KiBiSi's TMA-1 design for Aiaiai was launched Friday. Check out the new website, follow the project and pre-order your TMA-1
JUN 2010 / Belgrade Design Week 2010

All three, Ki, Bi & Si spoke at Belgrade design week. We Love !
MAY 2010 / Bjarke Ingels rated as one of the 100 most creative people in business

From Google to Gaga, Apple to architecture, Facebook to fashion, Fast Company counts down the most influential and surprising executives, artists, and impresarios crafting our culture and future, ranking Bjarke Ingels and BIG as nr 64 on the list.
MAY 2010 / 40/40

Bi of KiBiSi were selected last year as one of the 40 best designers/architects under 40 of Europe. It has been announced that this year it was Si of KiBiSi’s turn – with the classic Copenhagen Biomega bike & the Puma bikes
MAY 2010 / KiBiSi customizes chair to support the Charity Chair project

Join the opening of the charity Chair Exhibition 10th of june at AIT-ARCHITEKTURSALON MÜNCHEN
MAY 2010 / Biomega Boston is spotted as design icon of the decade

Jens Martin Skibsted talks about what characterizes design icons.
MAY 2010 / World Expo 2010

Visit the Danish Pavilion at World Expo 2010 designed by KiBiSi partner BIG.
APR 2010 / Designweek profile: KiBiSi

Danish industrial design trio Kibisi aims to create products that are cool enough to
be both commercial and ‘culturally significant’. Two of the co-founders talk to
Anna Richardson about the group’s idea-driven approach

APR 2010 / Wallpaper* Hand made... in Italy

Wallpaper* commissioned a limited edition of the Shanghay chair for Wallpaper* Handmade in... Italy. The colors were created by Wood Wood.

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