sTREEt is an idea derived especially for the Gwangju Design Biennale 2011. sTREEt is the idea of weaving a functional line of organically informed components into the urban cityscape of Gwangju, providing the Biennale City with a DNA string uniting a cross the city through a new and unique idiom. sTREEt is a breed of functional trees for urban programs that consolidates the current cacophony of street furniture into a new hybrid species. A Gwangju family of urban furniture adding to the local culture, flora and fauna. The series is designed as a flexible system that can grow and adapt to the special needs and specific context of every corner of the city. The family of sTREEt ranges from little sprouts combining a few elements, to the mother tree that occurs on urban squares and generous public spaces. In addition to social elements such as seating, playthings and swings, the mother tree sports a tree crown of solar panels to create shade and shelter for the urban space beneath it, as well as to power the local ecosystem of sTREEt.